Save Jeans. Save Lives.
You save vintage jeans and we donate 90% of profits to save lives.
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Amazing prices for great quality vintage/second hand clothing


Great service, quick delivery and amazing product!


The jeans I ordered wasn't in stock anymore. They send me a different one. Problem solved.


Great company, like I mean, where can I find more companies like this. Big congratulations to these guys


It's a great idea and the products are great quality. Some of these look brand new. I recommend it.


Save Jeans. Save Lives.
BOAS donates all profits to effective charities

We save jeans from being burnt or ending up in landfill, by making the buying of vintage fashion ten times faster, so anyone can buy vintage instead of new. Fast fashion is the problem. Fast vintage fashion is the solution We save lives by donating 90% of your profits to the best lifesaving charities. Profit for Good.

Buying just one pair of vintage jeans saves


Driving over 27 kms

(8.35 kg of O2)


Showering 15 times

(945 liters of water)


700 grams of waste

(average weight of jeans)


1 small balcony

(land occupation of 3 sqm per year)

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