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Get to know our lifesavers and join us in our mission to save millions of kids

We're BOAS, and we're the Amazon for GOOD. We're a sustainable marketplace that gives all profits to charities that save lives and the planet. We're on a mission to grow the world's largest marketplace, with the smallest footprint and maximum impact. If that ever happens we'll be saving a million lives and improving a billion. As you can image, that will require a lot of work and great people. So that's why we're looking for you! You can find all of our open roles on Join. Can't find what you're looking for? We're always looking for the best, so write a message with why you'd want to work at BOAS and what you'd like to do to [email protected] and we'll see if you might be a fit.

Current Lifesavers

This is the team you're going to be working with! They are all great people because we have a strict no asshole hiring policy.

Vincent Van der Holst

Likes eating, cycling, eating, traveling and eating

Ramesh Kumar

cool quote

Alicia Knight

Loves to travel by train, discover cosy cafes, flea markets, art galleries, authentic local restaurants, groovy electronic music and analogue photography.

Balázs Kósa

Energetic and passionate with a knack for organizing ecommerce processes.

Bruno Allevato

Music, coding and sports. Not necessarily in that order.

Carlota Carvalho

Content Creation & Marketing Intern

Gizem Tuncer

The girl who always wanders around the town, a vegan chef, chill-indie music lover, and gym junkie.

Han Ngo

Han Ngo

Kaita Hemmi

Kaita Hemmi

Lilia Charif

Lilia Charif

Matilda Gladis

Matilda Gladis

Matthew Ovie Enamuotor

Either being an adrenaline junkie, or spending the rest of my time cooking or playing football.

Mihai Cojocaru

Walking and reading - not at the same time - personal development and crypto enthusiast.

Olaf-Sebastian Krysik

Grows companies. Jeans afficionado. Knows too many languages to keep track of.

Romy Goedhart

Romy Goedhart

Scarlett Jary

Reader, dancer, football fan.

Yasmine Abdelhak

You Will never be always MOTIVATED. You have to learn to be DISCPLINED.

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