Hairband — Pied de Poule — by Bows & Flowers

Type: Hairband

Beautiful luxurious hairband. Handmade from organza, satin and pied de poule.

Hairband is suitable from about 1.5 years. Hairband has teeth on the inside so that it will not slip out of the hair quickly.

Headband is 4cm wide, the bow is 10cm wide and 7cm length

Note!: Hairband is made of plastic, bends a bit but will break if bent too far!

Hairband — Pied de Poule — by Bows & Flowers has out of 3 sustainability stars. Like all products on BOAS, this product is climate positive and it has at least one independent sustainability label. Read more about the ratings on our sustainability criteria page. 

Luxury handmade accessories designed and made in the Netherlands.

A few years ago I made the first newborn hairband for my babygirl. I loved everything that had anything to do with bows and/or flowers. So I started my own company named Bows and Flowers.

Every item we add to our collection is designed with the most passion for beautiful (hair) accessories there is.

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