Organic cotton bag by Dalalou

by Dalalou
Type: Shoulder Bag

The products in the maternity packs are delivered in this beautiful sustainable tote bag with the green Dalalou logo on it. The shopper, made of organic cotton, can be used as a baby care bag, shopping bag, sports bag, storage bag, etc.

Do you (unexpectedly) go to the hospital or birth center? Then this is also a handy 'flight bag' to take your things with you. The same goes for any other day when you have to be quick to keep everything you and your little one needs in one place. The material is very soft, safe for baby and kid, as well as everyone around you!

Also super practical to take it anywhere with you ‘just in case’ as the super light organic cotton is easily foldable and fits into every bag.


- Dimensions: 42 cm x 39 cm, the bottom is 14 cm

- The organic cotton comes from India

- Oekotex certified material

- This product usually ships from the Netherlands within 24 hours 

Organic cotton bag by Dalalou has out of 3 sustainability stars. Like all products on BOAS, this product is climate positive and it has at least one independent sustainability label. Read more about the ratings on our sustainability criteria page. 

 Dalalou, a company founded by Esmarel, manufactures natural and loving products around birth. They come in the form of sustainable birth boxes and individual products, contributing to the healthy development of baby, child and mother and increase the chance of a relaxed birth.

At the same time, Dalalou wants to raise awareness about the power and autonomy a mother (to be) has and show the importance of nutrition and proper care before, during and after giving birth!

All boxes from Dalalou are filled with products of natural origin, chlorine-free, biodegradable and produced in a way that is as friendly as possible for humans, animals and the earth. This way you choose the best quality for you and your baby and you leave a footprint as small as possible.


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