Combi package — Birth & Maternity — by Dalalou

by Dalalou

Are you a little further along in your pregnancy and still looking for a nice and extensive maternity package? Then this combination package is perfect for you as it contains everything you need around birth, specially tailored to natural maternity care, and during the postpartum period! Also great to give or receive as a gift— either treat yourself or be the star at the next baby shower!

It contains all the necessary care products you need around birth and where possible, the products are ecological, honest, non-toxic, biodegradable, of natural origin and always loving. They have been carefully selected in collaboration with (holistic) midwives and (natural) maternity nurses.

Our box can be used for home births and births in hospital to give your little one the warm welcome they deserve. But even after that, the Birth & Maternity package provides excellent care for your baby and for YOU during the maternity period. 

Spoil your child with our lovely products while taking care of yourself and making yourself happy— the best moms are happy moms!




A selenite heart about 7 cm wide by Happy Buddha / Selenite is a stone with a high vibration and stimulating effect when breastfeeding and feeding the baby.

- 50g breastfeeding mix tea by Holistic Doula / Organic nourishing and lactation-promoting herbal tea mixed with mantle, nettle, blessed thistle, calendula and anise seed.

- 300ml pure magnesium flakes Naturea by Superfood Market 

- 50ml organic mommy pampering oil by Human Child Birth Center

Amber bracelet by Happy Buddha / Suitable for a wrist thickness of about 3.5 to about 4.5 cm.

- 50ml organic jar Pure and Fat by On the feel / versatile and vegan fat with shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil

Magazine Welcome by Naturally Pregnant / With code to read digital Magazine Mother during the maternity period.

- 3 x 10 pieces maternity bandage by Natracare

Organic cotton pads by BelNature

Cordring latex by Birth Essentials (if allergy to latex: non-latex variant, mention this in notes with your order)

- recyclable mattress protector in VPP packaging

- 10 pads with biodegradable filling 60×90

- 4 washable net pants by Carriwell

Liquid hand soap by Petit&Jolie

- 10 cotton gauze pads 10×10, gamma sterilized by Cutisoft

- 30ml organic alcohol 70% by Cruydhof

Heilwol by Popolini / healing carded wool with wool grease

Wool fleece of 11 by 25 cm by City Sheep

- 30ml organic chamomile oil by Human child

- 30g organic loose chamomile blossom by Into the Cycle 

- White wool/rayon bow hat for newborns by Jetpaq

- White wool/rayon romper size 56 by Jetpaq

- 40g organic post-partum herbal mix by On the feeling

- Set of 10 affirmation cards by Dalalou

- 4 organic washable merino wool/hemp fleece nursing pads by Doula Noord

- 50ml organic baby massage oil by Human Child Birth Center

- 25g organic ‘Mother Herbs’ with lady's mantle, blackberry leaf, anise and fennel by Polderkol

- organic fairtrade cotton canvas bag organic, 290 x 290 mm

- Digital magazine Yippie! About being pregnant naturally, birth and maternity period 

- Pampering and surprise gifts from, among others: Kiind magazine, the Happy Buddha and Bamboo Nature



- The box is designed with a consciousness for people and planet

- Products are as sustainable and fair as possible 

- The product usually ships from the Netherlands within 24 hours

Combi package — Birth & Maternity — by Dalalou has out of 3 sustainability stars. Like all products on BOAS, this product is climate positive and it has at least one independent sustainability label. Read more about the ratings on our sustainability criteria page. 

 Dalalou, a company founded by Esmarel, manufactures natural and loving products around birth. They come in the form of sustainable birth boxes and individual products, contributing to the healthy development of baby, child and mother and increase the chance of a relaxed birth.

At the same time, Dalalou wants to raise awareness about the power and autonomy a mother (to be) has and show the importance of nutrition and proper care before, during and after giving birth!

All boxes from Dalalou are filled with products of natural origin, chlorine-free, biodegradable and produced in a way that is as friendly as possible for humans, animals and the earth. This way you choose the best quality for you and your baby and you leave a footprint as small as possible.


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