Wrap - Woven De Luxe - Steel Gray - Size 7 by Bykay

by ByKay

The Woven Wrap Deluxe from ByKay is an ergonomic woven wrap made of super soft and light organic cotton. It enables you to have your baby or toddler as close as possible to you while keeping your hands free! To use it, you tie it around yourself for carrying your little one on your stomach, hip or back.

The woven fabric of this baby carrier ensures ideal weight distribution for up to 23kg. It is a suitable and convenient wrap as it is easy to adjust properly to your body size. Feel free to it use it as a hammock, in the playpen or in the garden, your baby will love it!

Size 7 is suitable for clothing sizes 44 to 48 with the button on the back. Smaller clothing sizes will be able to take the rest of the fabric to the front again and tie the knot there.


- This product comes in dark grey 

- It usually ships within 24 hours from the Netherlands

- Suitable from newborn up to 23kg

- Suitable for sizes 44-48, or smaller (of the person carrying)

Wrap - Woven De Luxe - Steel Gray - Size 7 by Bykay has out of 3 sustainability stars. Like all products on BOAS, this product is climate positive and it has at least one independent sustainability label. Read more about the ratings on our sustainability criteria page. 


ByKay, founded by a mom 20 years ago, produces ergonomic baby carriers and accessories for parents. Having the goal in mind to strengthen the connection between child and parent, the carriers are specifically designed to keep your baby close and safe.

ByKay produces items that are convenient, conscious and fashionable for parents while keeping their hands free!

Using organic materials only and manufacturing products under fair working conditions, ByKay contributes to a safe and sustainable future for the next generations and especially for your little one. 





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