Product Sustainability Criteria

This page focuses on sustainability criteria for all products you will find on BOAS. Learn how we make sure our entire business is 100% sustainable.

At BOAS we like to keep things simple. We have a simple three star rating for products:

Products with one star have at least one independent sustainability label and at least 100% of emissions (including manufacturing and transport) are offset by BOAS. All these products are climate positive.


Products with two stars are the same as one star products and no animals have been hurt in the process, but the company might hurt animals for other products and have products that aren't sustainable (but you won't find those on BOAS).


Three star products contain everything from the one and two star rating and they come from sustainable companies that don't hurt animals.

You will find the star rating and more sustainability information on each product's page. Although our three star system is simple, sustainability is complex, what it means is different for every product. If you have questions about products or if you would like to see a brand or product on BOAS, please contact us.

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