More Sustainable Products

What does that mean?

We need more actions and less talk. So on this sustainability page you will find no vague "commitments" to be more sustainable 20 years from now, no inspiring quotes, no fancy reports and no flashy videos with polar bears. Although that would be fun.

What are we doing right now to become more sustainable?

  • All of our products are more sustainable: each product or brand has at least one independent sustainable label.

  • All our profits are donated to save kids lives.

  • More than 100% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions are offset and we offset part of scope 3 emissions. Read more on what that means here.

  • We work hard to bring everything that isn't currently sustainable closer to that perfect score. You can read more about our efforts on our blog.

  • We know that trust is important. Therefore, everything we do is 100% transparent, from donations to financials to carbon offsets.

  • Even sustainable products have a footprint. Not buying, repairing and sharing are still better for the climate, so we encourage everyone to buy less and buy better. We never promote our products in email and social media and we don't use psychological tricks so you buy more.

  • We're always trying to improve. Let us know if you think we can do better or if you have questions!

Check out how we offset quarterly emissions with Sumting

Want to know more?

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