Why you should sell on BOAS

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Most people want to buy sustainable.

Most people don't buy sustainable.

There are two big reasons they don't:

1. It's difficult

2. Consumers don't trust current brands and marketplaces

So the truth is that people want your products, but most don't buy them.


Why? More than half of all online products are sold through marketplaces like Amazon. But a third of the sustainable consumers and half of the sustainable brands we talked to don't want to work with and buy from Amazon because they don't believe the sustainability claims of brands and marketplaces. And that's where we come in.

We're BOAS, the Amazon for good.

BOAS is unique because it donates 100% of profits to charities that save people and our planet. We only sell sustainable products and our financials are 100% transparent. Our only focus is maximizing impact, not profit. That's why consumers rate us with an 8.7 and our competition with a 7.1.

BOAS will be the place where consumers find all sustainable products in one place and saving lives while they're shopping for your products. And who doesn't want that?

BOAS - Saving lives while you live yours

So we've got the good business, and you've got the good stuff. Are you ready to sell more and join us on our mission of saving lives and the planet?

Are you ready to start selling?

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