We're BOAS, and we're the Amazon for GOOD. We're a sustainable marketplace that gives all profits to charities that save lives and the planet. We're on a mission to grow the world's largest marketplace, with the smallest footprint and maximum impact. If that ever happens we'll be saving a million lives and improving a billion. As you can image, that will require a lot of work and great people. So that's why we're looking for you!

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This is the team you're going to be working with! They are all great people because we have a strict no asshole hiring policy.

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Why We Donate All Our Profits, and Why You Should Be Donating Too
February 01, 2023
Why We Donate All Our Profits, and Why You Shou...

Do I have a moral obligation to donate money to charities? Consider the famous thought experiment raised by moral philosopher Peter Singer. You ar...

Introducing "This is..." collection by BOAS
January 25, 2023
Introducing "This is..." collection by BOAS

At the point in history when we have both - Amazon ending its charity donation program AmazonSmile due to its low profitability and Yvon Chouinard ...

Sustainable Parenting Tips from Artificial Intelligence
December 02, 2022
Sustainable Parenting Tips from Artificial Inte...

The following is an article generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3 about Sustainable Parenting. We first asked the AI to define Sustainable Parenting and tal...