Welcome to the Save Lives & Live Yours podcast from BOAS, a marketplace that donates all profits to save children's lives.

In the show we talk with thought leaders, activists, business people and other cool people interested in changing our economy to one where profits go to charities rather than wealthy investors.

On Sustainable Parenting

We sat down to chat with Jen Panaro, founder and editor-in-chief of Honestly Modern, and author of How to Raise a Global Citizen.
Jen is a mother of two and is a compost and sustainable-living advocate.

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Effective Altruism

What is Effective Altruism & how can you be part of the global movement to do the most good most effectively?

See our interview with James Herbert from Effective Altruism Netherlands to learn all about it!

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Making Trillions for Charities through the Consumer Economy

Want to know how to be a better consumer? Or what needs to happen to our economy to build a better world?

Learn how we can feasibly save the world by spending all of our money on charity in this interview with Brad West, founder of the Consumer Power Initiative!


The New Frontier of Carbon Offsetting

How can we avoid deception in nature restoration and carbon offsetting?

Find out with Mike Odenhoven, CEO and co-founder of Sumting, a results-based platform to help gather and track carbon offsetting projects!

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