What's BOAS?

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We're at a time that no one denies the climate crisis. But we're also at a time that most say they want to buy sustainable, but few do. They say that sustainable buying is hard and expensive, and they're right. We're here to change that. Our mission is to make sustainable buying easy and affordable by gathering sustainable products in one place.

BOAS is the online marketplace where everything is sustainable. And we're putting our money where our mouths are: we're giving away all profits to charities that save lives and the planet. If we can make sustainable buying easy and affordable, we'll have a lot of profit. If we give that profit to people and the planet, we can save a million lives, and improve a billion. But we'll start with one.

For you it's as simple as doing what you were already doing: buying online. Our LifeSavers (customers) buy at BOAS and help generate donations that save lives and the planet.

BOAS - Saving lives while you live yours


It's no coincidence that BOAS means GOOD in Portuguese. We believe we can build a company that's 100% about doing good and we believe good companies can become the biggest in the world. We want to be one of those companies and inspire others to create more of these companies. And when we say 100% good, we mean 100%. We have 100% sustainable products and we give 100% of profits to charities that save people and the climate.

We're the world's first Profit for Non-Profit.

We hope we're not the last. We think some day CEO's will be celebrated for how many lives they saved, how many tons of CO2 they took out of the environment and how many people they lifted out of poverty and how this new middle class helped them reach even greater heights and even more positive impact. A world where every business puts people and the planet over profit. Not tomorrow, today.

We're BOAS, and we're the Amazon for GOOD


Reaching our mission to become the biggest marketplace, with the smallest footprint and maximum impact will be difficult and a lot of work. This is the great team we're currently doing it with!