We Donate All Profits

To save kids lives

How it Works

We pay our employees normal salaries, we reinvest in our business so we can donate more later, we pay our taxes and whatever is left in profits we donate to organisations that save kids lives instead of giving it to a few investors. We're doing it because it's the only right thing to do. It's important that we make our money in a good way, so all of our products are sustainable. We’re funded by philanthropists to help us grow.

We work with GiveWell to make sure we’re saving as many kids lives as we can, by donating to organisations that are best at saving kids lives. All of our financials are 100% transparent, so you can check how much we’re spending and donating. We’re still young and growing fast, which is why we don’t yet have any profits, but we already make donations to show that we’re serious. If you have any questions, you can email our founder directly at vin@boas.co, we try and respond to everyone. We’ve answered the most common questions in our FAQ, so feel free to check that out first. 

BOAS - Saving lives while you live yours

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