Save Jeans. Save Lives.Join our Lifesavers and become a co-owner of BOAS
Vintage fashion shopping is slow
BOAS is on a mission to Save Jeans and Save Lives, but there’s a problem: vintage shopping is slow. Poor photos, vague sizing and endless back-and-forth with sellers you don’t know. So you buy new, fueling the extreme pollution of the fast fashion industry, leaving vintage jeans to be burnt or ending in up in toxic landfill. And that's where BOAS comes in.
Fast Fashion Wastes KG of CO2 per year (worse than flying)
93 Trillion Liters of water per year
BOAS makes vintage fashion buying 10 times faster! We’re fast vintage fashion. How? With our unique 'take the price or take the risk’ model - you either buy the jeans at the current price or take the risk and wait for the price to drop.

We also buy in bulk (with an 80% gross margin), ensuring unmatched quality, trendy finds, clear photos, accurate descriptions and fast shipping and returns. With BOAS, everyone can embrace vintage fashion in minutes, so busy people like you can now buy vintage fashion too. Check it out now on or download our Android or iOS apps.

Price drops in




Fast Vintage Fashion
FasterGreat quality, pictures and accurate sizing, with fast shipping and returns
Save JeansFrom being burnt or ending up in landfill
The Right PriceTake the Price or Take the Risk model reaches the right price fast and automatically
Save Lives
BOAS takes things one big step further. Besides saving jeans, we save lives too.

After working with businesses earning billions ánd underfunded charities struggling to save lives and the climate we realized the potential of using profit for good. So we started BOAS to bridge that gap—donating 90% of our profits into lifesaving solutions and rescuing jeans from landfill, turning waste into want.

So invest in BOAS and turn your profits into lifelines. 90% go to charities and 10% is yours— so you can save lives while living yours.

Besides co-owning BOAS, you also get the exclusive rewards listed below, with up to 100% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard! Some investors also get the limited edition Lifejacket.
Other Profit for Good companies
What we’ve already saved with fast vintage fashion
What we can do with your help
€1 497 723 Revenue by 2025
40 479 Pairs of jeans saved by 2025
5 Lives saved by 2025
82 807 612 L of water saved by 2025
731 000 Kg of CO2 saved by 2025
Our customers love us
Amazing prices for great quality vintage/second hand clothing

Great service, quick delivery and amazing product!

Great company, like I mean, where can I find more companies like this. Big congratulations to these guys

It’s a great idea and the products are great quality. Some of these look brand new. I recommend it.
And we’ve been featured
The competition
You as a Life-saver what it means?
Invest in BOAS and turn your profits into lifelines. 90% of your profits go to lifesaving charities and 10% is yours— so you can save lives while living yours.

Besides co-owning BOAS, you also get the exclusive rewards listed below, with up to 100% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard!
Lifesavings €100-€500 A 10% lifetime lifesaver discount on and in our flagship store. Plus an invite to the launch party of our store, snacks and drinks included!
Lifetime €501-€1000 50% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard. You heard that right! You can spend half of your investment on or in the flagship store.
Lifeguard €1001-€2.500 75% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard you can spend on or in the flagship store. And you get the exclusive limited edition denim Lifejacket with your name and investment number on it.
Lifeline €2.501-€5.000 100% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard you can spend on or in the flagship store. You’ll save jeans for life! And you get the exclusive limited edition denim Lifejacket with your name and investment number on it.
Lifesaver €5001 - €10.000 The best charities save lives for less than €5.000 and with your help we hope to work hard to fund lifesaving charities. Did you ever imagine yourself saving a life? Well, now you might. And if that’s not enough, you’ll get 100% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard to spend on or in the flagship store and our limited edition denim Lifejacket!
At least buy me dinner first €10.001 
Wow! 100% of your investment as a giftcard (jeans for life!), the limited edition denim Lifejacket and we'll give you a tour of the company including a home-cooked three course dinner (our CMO and CEO can cook!).
How it works
BOAS is raising this round in cooperation with Eyevestor and Generous Minds. Eyevestor helps us handle necessary paperwork to ensure you get your certificates of shares without a hassle, and Generous Minds helps impact startups, and 92% of the startups they’ve helped are still alive. In a world where 80% of startups die that’s a small miracle. 
If you have any questions, please see the FAQ section in Eyevestor. Here’s the steps you need to take to become a lifesaver:
Make sure you read up on the materials
This is our general pitch page, but you can find additional information in our Eyevestor page, including financial results, forecasts, detailed plans and answers to any questions you might have.
Pick your package and complete the test
You can select from one of 6 packages to invest in BOAS, before you complete your investment you will be asked to complete the experience test to make sure everything is clear to you.
Buy your shares on eyevestor and become a Lifesaver
Complete your transaction and receive your shares. You will be able to see your position and the number of shares after completing the transaction.
WE ARE LIFESAVERS. WE ARE BOASOur management team has founded 7 former startups, had 3 exits and more than 35 years of experience in e-com, (vintage) fashion and marketplaces. Former employers and clients include adidas, IBM, Samsung, Unilever, Warchild, Save the Children, Red Cross, UNHCR and dozens of start and scale-ups. The team holds degrees in business, entrepreneurship, psychology and artificial intelligence and machine learning from multiple universities including Stanford. BOAS is a very popular employer, we get more than 100 applications for every lifesaver we hire, so these lifesavers are the 1% of the talent pool.
Han NgoOperations intern
Carlota CarvalhoContent Creation & Marketing Intern
Matilda GladisContent Creation & Marketing Intern
Kaita HemmiOperations intern
Mihai CojocaruMobile Developer
Matthew Ovie EnamuotorFrontend Developer
Gizem TuncerContent Creation and Marketing Intern
Yasmine AbdelhakSoftware Engineer
Alicia KnightUI/UX Designer
Bruno AllevatoShopify Back-End Developer
Lilia CharifOperations Intern
Scarlett JaryOperations Intern
Romy GoedhartChief of Partnerships
Ramesh KumarFounder & CTO
Balázs KósaFounder & COO
Olaf-Sebastian KrysikFounder & CMO
Vincent van der HolstFounder & CEO
You!We’re always looking for new lifesavers!
This is How we will do it together
Physical store - €50.000Our pop-up store beat all of our expectations. With €50.000 we’ll have enough to invest in and open up a permanent store, so you can save jeans and meet us in person!
The world’s 1st vintage Company clothing - €75.000With €75.000 we’ll create the world’s first vintage event and company clothing. We’ll use a denim laser powered by renewable energy to laser brand and event information in vintage clothing, so companies can give their employees or event participants truly unique branded and sustainable clothing.
BOAS upcycled collection - €100.000 With €100.000 we’ll develop a BOAS upcycled fashion brand, using all the denim fabric we can’t sell because it’s stained or broken, saving even more jeans from being burned and put into landfill.
Expand product lines - €150.000With €150.000 we can expand our product lines beyond jeans, and into denim, with the goal to become the biggest vintage denim seller in Europe.
Expand internationally - €200.000All across Europe, people struggle to find their perfect pair of vintage jeans. With €200.000 we’ll give the people what they want, not just in The Netherlands, but all across Europe.
Vintage Jeans Finder - €300.000To develop the fastest most efficient way to find vintage jeans for you - our vintage jeans finder will become your personal fashion assistant when shopping vintage jeans.
Fastest Vintage Fashion Platform - €400.000Fast fashion is the problem. Fast vintage fashion is the solution. With €400.000 we’ll make vintage fashion fast. We’ll hire the best remote developers to use AI to personalize your shopping experience, build an algorithm for our unique take the price or take the risk model and offer you the biggest vintage denim selection in Europe, with the fastest shipping and returns. So you can buy vintage fashion in minutes.
How you fit in the process
How you fit in the process
Our current process relies on our ability to save Jeans from landfill or being burnt, by making vintage fashion fast, so everyone can buy vintage with the speed of fast fashion. This is a complicated process that we have been perfecting, but expanding it is complex and costly.

That’s where you come in, with each bit of your investment helping us fine-tune our system and making it more efficient at generating profits to save lives.
Our current process relies on our ability to save Jeans from landfill or being burnt, by making vintage fashion fast, so everyone can buy vintage with the speed of fast fashion. This is a complicated process that we have been perfecting, but expanding it is complex and costly.

That’s where you come in, with each bit of your investment helping us fine-tune our system and making it more efficient at generating profits to save lives.
Saving Jeans - AcquisitionWe save jeans by buying directly from vintage suppliers. As we scale and we save more jeans - we get better deals. Your investment helps us scale.
Jeans Assessment - Quality ControlAll incoming jeans are verified for quality, model and authenticity. Right now our Operation team handles this manually. Your investment helps us automate this.
Listing Jeans - Product OfferingApproved Jeans are re-measured, photographed and categorized before being sold. Your investment goes into an automated system.
Selling Jeans - Customer ExperienceJeans are shipped to customers and happy customers come back. But we have no Customer Succes Team, your investment helps us hire the right people.
Saving Lives - Donating to Charities90% of your profits are donated to charity - the remaining 10% is for you, to continue to live comfortably. Saving lives while living yours.
Let’s save jeans and lives together?
You are here because you support our mission to Save Jeans, Save Lives. But you want to do more, you do not just want to buy an awesome pair of Vintage Jeans.

We have made this possible by offering up to €600,000 in BOAS Shares for you to purchase. You can become a lifesaver and co-owner of BOAS from as little as €250. You’ll be joining the first five investors of BOAS, who have already invested €130.000 to save jeans and lives.
We are incredibly excited about our financial prospects. A financial expert from our fundraising partner Generous Minds has valued us at €1.62 million so you are really getting in at the ground floor by investing today. In 2023 we have been growing our revenue and client base fast.

With our first popup store opening in Amsterdam we were able to showcase the power of offline retail while scaling our online presence. These are our ambitious financial projections for the upcoming years.
Become a
co-owner of BOAS

Some FAQs to get to know us better

How and when do I get my giftcard? And how does it work?


We will send the amount in digital giftcards of €50 (so if you have €1000 in giftcards, we will share 20 giftcards of €50 with you). The gift cards can be shared with anyone and do not expire. The gift cards can be used on and in the BOAS store. Only one gift card per order can be used. We will send the gift cards within 7 days after you make an investment. Be sure to share the gift certificates with your family, friends, children or others who also want to save jeans from being burnt!

How do you make vintage fashion fast?


People want to buy vintage fashion, but the problem is clear: it's slow. You can buy new fashion online in as little as five minutes, but when you buy anything second hand, you have to deal with bad pictures, incomplete descriptions, wrong sizes, no right to return, sellers who don't reply, scams and sellers who don't communicate clearly (or at all). So buying vintage fashion takes an hour on average. That doesn't work for busy people, so they buy new. The great thing about vintage fashion is that it's affordable. If you can also make it fast you're in a good business. Just try and think of companies that make things affordable ánd fast. So the solution is fast vintage fashion. There's two big things we do differently from our competitors: 1. We use a unique 'take the price or take the risk' pricing model. Our prices start high and they drop automatically, customers can take the current price or take the risk and wait for the next price drop. This model is famous in offline markets, like the dutch flower market, because they sell all products, and they do so fast. BOAS doesn't have to spend any time and money on figuring out the right price, and we will sell almost all of our stock and faster than the competition. We have conducted research on the model, and we increased our revenue per user with almost 500%, and this pricing mechanisms can lead to higher average prices. The model lowers BOAS' cost of stock, increases sell through rate and finds the right price fast for customers. 2. You have to control your own products if you want to make vintage fashion fast. All competitors who are peer to peer can never be fast, because you will always have to deal with individual sellers who will upload poor pictures, the wrong size (80% of vintage jeans don't have the size on their label anymore) and have to reply to messages, not to mention slow shipping and no return options. BOAS buys its own stock, we take consistent pictures, we remeasure all jeans, make sure they are authentic, we reply to messages on the same day, we ship the same day and you have free returns. Our return percentage is 10%, where retailers like Zalando struggle with returns of almost 50%. We also have one of the best review scores (4.2) in our industry on Trustpilot. Our combination of a unique pricing model and mastering our own supply make fast vintage fashion possible, so you no longer have to buy new.

What do I buy?


You buy certificates on shares in BOAS STAK. The STAK is a shareholder in BOAS and you buy certificates that are connected to shares. Eyevestor calls these Eyecons. Eyevestor is the only place where you can buy or sell these shares. Your certificates entitle you to share in the future profits of BOAS. 90% of your profits will be used to save lives, and the other 10% is for you to live a comfortable life, so you can save lives while living yours. With your investment and the hard work of the lifesavers who work for BOAS we will do our best to generate Profit for Good, but any investment is risky. We never know for certain how BOAS will develop in the future, so only invest money you can afford to lose. It's important to know that as an investor, you don't have any other risks or obligations, now or in the future.

How can you give up to 100% of my investment as a BOAS giftcard?


BOAS has a high gross profit margin (if we sell jeans for €30, we buy them for €6), which we believe makes us a good investment, and which enables us to give you up to 100% of your investment as a gift card. Normally, a lot of the money raised in a sharefunding is spent on marketing. We have decided to spend less on marketing, and we believe the giftcards will show you how amazing our platform, products and service are, and we believe you will tell your friends. We see this as a great opportunity to get loyal customers, and word of mouth for our business, so we can spend less on marketing. This should increase our revenue and accelerate our growth, so we can raise more investment in later rounds, and increase the value of BOAS and your certificates of shares.

What are certificates exactly?


A certificate is a security connected to a share. It tracks the value of the share and pays out dividends according to the underlying share. Different than a share, a certificate doesn't give you the right to vote in general shareholder meeting.

What is the minimum investment amount?


You can invest from just €250. We have several packages, with increasing rewards, and you can get up to 100% of your investment as a BOAS giftcard!

What is the company valuation?


An analysis from a valuation expert from Generous Minds, our fundraising partner, values BOAS at €3.34 million. You will find more information and the expert valuation in the 'finance' header of our sharefunding campaign.

Where do you get your jeans from?


This is a long story, but the short version is that we buy from vintage wholesale companies. These vintage wholesale companies buy from vintage clothing sorting facilities, and these get most of their clothing from the donation containers you will find in most cities around Europe. These sorting facilities sort out different quality (e.g. usable and unusable), different categories (e.g. jeans and jackets) and sell these to companies like BOAS. Contrary to what most people think, almost all vintage clothing stores buy like this. They don't get their clothing from people bringing it to the store. If we ever have the time and money, we might make a documentary about it, since the life of vintage fashion is very interesting.

What charities do you give to?


We focus on donating profits to the most effective lifesaving charities. These are often charities that focus on preventable diseases in poor countries, where millions die every year from diseases that can already be prevented or treated, but the charities that save these lives are underfunded. We have been donating to the Against Malaria Foundation, where we have now donated enough (€5.000) to save one life. AMF is known for being one of the most effective charities, but they are still underfunded, so we work hard to get them enough funding to save more lives. In the past we have also donated to charities like Kika (preventing child cancer), Oxfam Novib, The Clean Air Task Force, OVD-info and others.

What is Profit for Good?


Companies who use their profit for good, use the vast majority (in our case 90%) of their profits to fund solutions to the problems our world faces, like climate change or preventable death. Well-known examples of Profit for Good are Patagonia, Bosch, Newman's Own, Carl Zeiss and a number of startups like BOAS. There is research that suggests that these companies actually grow faster and are at least as profitable. This is mainly because people prefer buying from and working for companies who have a real purpose.

I want to read what the press says about BOAS


You can on

What will the 100K investment be used for?


With €100.000, we will open up a flagship store in Amsterdam, we will launch the world's first vintage company and event clothing and we will develop and launch our own upcycled collection.

What will a 200K investment be used for?


With €200.000 we will add new product lines to BOAS and we will expand internationally even more.

What will a 400K investment be used for?


With €400.000, we will invest in creating the fastest vintage fashion platform of Europe, we will create a vintage jeans finder, that finds you your perfect pair in under a minute. We will continue to develop and automate our unique 'take the price or take the risk' model and we will offer the largest selection of vintage denim in Europe.

Who are your competitors?


In Europe our biggest competitors are Vinted and Depop, but both of these focus on making vintage fashion cheap, not fast. Another competitor is Sellpy, and they manage their own supply too, but lack the focus on denim and our unique pricing model. They also buy from individuals, where we buy in bulk. We have tested individual buying and found that the average quality is poor, and the products people want to get rid of aren't the ones that sell well. We believe bulk buying to be higher margin (we think an 80% gross margin at scale is achievable) and lower cost. In the United States, thredUP masters its own supply as well. This company is worth billions of dollars and has IPO'd and has proven the model can scale. thredUP is different because it mostly buys from individuals, leading to lower quality and popularity products.

Is this an investment or a donation?


Yes. This is both. BOAS is a startup, and startups try and turn money into more money. The only difference between us and all the others is that we turn money into more money, and we use 90% of that money to make the world better. You could think of this as investing in charity. Because we want you to live comfortably, you get to keep 10% of the return, so you can save lives while living yours. You will get certificates of shares for your investment, and you are free to sell these shares to potential future buyers (after the 365 day lockup period).

If I invest in BOAS now, do I ever have any obligations or liabilities?


No. Shareholders who invest in BOAS never have any liability for anything, ever.

Do I have to pay fees to buy BOAS shares?


No. The Eyevestor platform charges a 2% fee with a minimum of €1 per transaction. The seller, BOAS, pays these fees. When you ever decide to sell your BOAS shares, you pay transaction fees as the seller. These are also 2% with a minimum of €1 per transaction. The buyer doesn't pay. There are no other costs to use Eyevestor.

Who is your partner Generous Minds and what is their added value?


Generous Minds is an Amsterdam-based cooperative that supports impact-driven entrepreneurs, in every stage of life, in a co-entrepreneurial way with impact-driven experts and access to capital. Through their approach risks are mitigated and chances of success are increased. Since 2013, they have guided more than 250 driven entrepreneurs to greater impact, and since 2021 achieved over €45M in funding. They are known for supporting companies such as Nextkidney, Speaksee, Makers Unite and Oyster Heaven, among others. 92% of startups that have received help from Generous Minds are still alive. Normally, around 80% of startups fail, so startups who are helped by Generous Minds are ten times more likely to survive.

What happens after I buy certificates?


You can buy certificates from only €250 and become a co-owner of BOAS through the Eyevestor platform. Eyevestor is an online sharefunding platform where companies can sell their equity. BOAS sells their equity because it thinks the money will help us grow faster and save more jeans and lives, without getting into a lot of debt. On your personal page in the Eyevestor platform you can see in the dashboard (overzicht) how many certificates you have in BOAS. You also get a confirmation email after you invest and a transaction certificiate that acts as proof of transactions.

How do I do my adminstration if I invest as a person or from a company?


Eyevestor's platform allows you to run an export of your transaction(s) (investment) at any time of the day. On 1 January of the new year, you can also export an annual statement from Eyevestor. This provides an overview of how many certificates you have in which company and at what value. You could use this information for your own administration or tax return, for example. For questions related to administration, please contact [email protected].

What is an Eyecon?


Eyecons are digital tokens that represent certificates of shares. Eyecons were created by Eyevestor to make buying, trading and managing certificates of shares digitally easier and possible. The Eyevestor platform is also the register of shareholders. On the platform, you receive your certificates of shares (eyecons) in your dashboard (wallet). You will receive an email confirmation of each transaction and you can make an export.

How does it work with taxes and administration?


In The Netherlands your investment must be declared in box 3, just like your savings. Your statement is always available in your dashboard. If the value of the certificates exceeds the tax-free capital, you have to pay tax on this. This is 32% on the notional return. Check the Tax Authorities website for more information. If you do not live in The Netherlands, please check with your local Tax Authorities for more information.

I have a question not listed here. Where can I go?


We are happy to answer your question personally. Just send an email to our founder [email protected] or call/whatsapp him on +31636571141 and we will get back to you soon. And if that's more convenient, we'll call you to clarify things. Please also provide us with your phone number then.

Any other questions? Ask our CEO Vincent!