Marbleberriez is a real innovator on the fashion market! Produced in the Netherlands, their fashion is made of Tencel, the most environmentally friendly fabric. In addition to that, Marbleberriez even makes zippers and buttons sustainable as they are made from recycled materials, namely recycled post-consumer polyester and hemp.

Tencel itself is made from wood pulp from eucalyptus forests that are sustainably managed. Tencel’s production process is a ‘closed-loop’. This means that more than 99% of the water and solvents used in the process are collected and reused. The bleaching of the fibers is done chlorine-free, which makes Tencel completely biodegradable. 

Apart from the environmental advantages, the sustainable clothes are super fashionable and save for your child to wear! All products are manufactured in Europe and the brand has no problem showing where all your money goes transparently. The ultimate margin is invested back into the company to improve the quality and durability standards they ensure for your little sunshine!

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