Pure Goat Company Follow-on formula 3 (10+ months)

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby. Always consult with an independent expert, such as your doctor or the consultation bureau, before deciding to bottle-feed.

Pure Goat Company’s Follow-on formula 3 is specifically suitable for infants older than 10 months and only as part of a varied diet. Organic and made with full-cream goat’s milk. Always follow the instructions on the packaging, unless your doctor advises otherwise. Pure Goat Company’s Follow-on formula 3 is not suitable for babies younger than 6 months old.

Please note: Bottle formula based on goat’s milk is in many cases not suitable for children with an established cow’s milk protein allergy.


1. Boil bottles and teats for about 5 minutes to sterilise them. Wash your hands and make sure the area where you prepare the food is clean and tidy.

2. Put the indicated amount of boiled water into the bottle as soon as it has cooled down to about 40°C.

3. Add the correct number of level scoops of powder to the water in the bottle.

4. Turn the cap with the teat on the bottle and shake or swirl until all the powder is dissolved. Always check the temperature of the milk on the inside of your wrist.

Important: Always prepare the formula fresh and throw away any leftovers within an hour of it being prepared. Do not reheat it. Clean the bottle and teat thoroughly after use. When your child is 1 year old, it is better to use a sippy cup than a bottle with a teat.

Improper preparation and storage may pose health risks.



• Suitable from 10 months old

• With full-cream goat’s milk

• Creamy flavour

• Organically certified

• With GOS fibres

• With omega-3 DHA* from algae

• Lactose only

• Palm-free

• Soy-free

• GMO-free

• Free of tuna extracts

• Can be kept for 3 weeks after opening

• 800 g ℮



* As of 2020, the addition of omega-3 DHA to infant formula is required by law.


Whole goat milk powder* (milk), goat lactose* (milk), vegetable oils* (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil), galacto-oligosaccharide syrup* (GOS) (milk), algal oil powder (DHA) (milk), minerals (calcium hydroxide, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, calcium carbonate, iron (II) lactate, zinc sulphate, copper (II) sulphate manganese sulphate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite), vitamins (L-ascorbic acid, DL-α-tocopheryl acetate, cholecalciferol, retinyl acetate, nicotinamide, calcium D-pantothenate thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, riboflavin, phytomenadione, biotin, cyanocobalamin), L-cystine, L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine (allergens are shown in bold)



* From organic origin

Pure Goat Company Follow-on formula 3 (10+ months) has 1.0 out of 3 sustainability stars. Like all products on BOAS, this product is climate positive and it has at least one independent sustainability label. Read more about the ratings on our sustainability criteria page. 

We think Pure Goat Company might be the GOAT among alternatives to breastfeeding. With organic, locally sourced ingredients and no added tuna or palm oil, is this the Greatest Of All Time? 

Pure Goat Company’s organic formula based on Dutch goat’s milk is an excellent alternative to formula based on cow’s milk.

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